Who We Are

CasArt Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization, formed by Mexican nationals residing in the Detroit metropolitan area.
We are proud to be ambassadors of the Mexican culture and are devoted to preserving and promoting our traditions, culture, music, and folklore for the younger generations.

Our History

The idea of CasArt Foundation was conceived by Luly del Real. She has dedicated part of her life transmitting the love for her native Mexico, through art and folklore, mainly folkdance. She started teaching a group of girls and boys, and “Joyas de México” the first dance group was created. Their students received not only artistic instruction from her but also her love and enthusiasm for transmitting the beauty of the Mexican heritage both, in the USA and Canada. The mothers of these children were also interested in receiving dance instruction and with time, the second dance group, “Matices” was created.

CasArt was founded by bringing these two folklore dance groups together. Luly del Real’s vision expanded by bringing other people together that shared her vision in teaching art. Other instructions in artistic expressions like, painting, music and theater have been added. Today, CasArt Foundation has grown to a talented group of dancers, and has attracted the experience and passion of creators, painters, curators and several volunteers that share Luly del Real’s vision.

-Our Vision-

Empowering lives through culture and education.

-Our Mission-

To inspire change in the community by providing cultural and educational programs.

-Our Values-

“It is through Mexican folkloric dance and art that I inculcate my children with the values of respect, commitment, hard work, professionalism, and humility. These values are firmly embedded in Hispanic culture”.

Luly Del Real, Founder and President,
CasArt Foundation.


CasArt Foundation as a non-profit 501(c)(3) Organization is Managed via a Board of
Directors and continues to draw an experienced group of professionals and volunteers
to its Executive ranks.


Luly del Real – President and founder

Luly is a Mexican folkloric dance teacher, dancer, and choreographer born and raised in Chihuahua. She relocated to Michigan with her family in 2000. She earned her BFA with emphasis in folklore, dance, and ethnology from the University of Mexico, additionally she graduated from Escuela superior de Danza in Chihuahua. Luly is certified in interdisciplinary artistic production from the University of Malaga, Spain. She is pride and passionate about her love for Mexico, in her mission to extend and preserve her heritage, roots and traditions to Hispanic kids in Michigan, she founded in 2007 Joyas de Mexico ballet, and in 2014 Matices Dance Company, where she provides children and adults of Hispanic community with the opportunity to learn about their culture.

paul pinet

Paul Pinet – Vice president

Paul was born in Mexico City and currently resides in Michigan with his Family. He is a Project Manager at Ford Motor Company in Product Development, where he has spent much of his career.  He   has led various Projects and Programs in the Automotive and IT sectors for 20+ years. Paul holds a bachelor’s in business and an MBA from Universidad de las Américas -Puebla (UDLA-P). He brings a broad business acumen and is a hands-on leader. Paul is passionate about bringing Mexican folklore awareness to other people so they can enjoy it and better understand Mexico’s rich culture.

Moramay flores – Treasurer AND Finance Director

Moramay was born in Mexico City and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Currently she resides in Michigan working for a Tier1 Automotive company as a buyer. Moramay has a bachelor’s in international business from University of Guadalajara with a master’s degree in business development from University of Chihuahua, she is proud of her Mexican culture and is very excited to share her heritage and service the community through CasArt Foundation.

nicte salvador – Secretary and Communications Director

Nicte was born in Veracruz, Mexico. She holds a bachelor and master degree in electronic engineering, she worked for 13 years in automotive industry as product design engineer. She pivoted her career by focusing on the acquisition and application of knowledge about autism, which led her to become certified as ABA therapist and Montessori guide. She has been part of civil associations dedicated to the education of children with autism and their families in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.
She is part of a family where culture and deep-rooted traditions are an essential part of their union. She has been living in Michigan for two years and learning folkloric dance for more than a year.

Directors and Staff

Cristina Caratsch – Theater Director

She was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She started performing at the age of 8, participating in television, radio, and commercial programs. Cristina studied commercial voice over and dubbing in Spain and Mexico. She also studied Theater and Cinema in Monterrey, Chile, and Dubai. She is currently teaching acting workshops.
She is also a presenter for Radio Centro Multicultural.

orlando chavez – Social Media Director

Orlando is originally from Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. He moved to Michigan at the age of 19. Over the last ten years he has dedicated his work to supporting the Hispanic communities in Metro Detroit. Through his work in the community in Southwest Detroit, he is known as a “go-to” person. He joined CasArt Foundation in late 2022 as Media Director and is also a member of the dance groups Joyas de Mexico and Matices, for which he also helps coordinate the dance groups. He expects to develop community outreach to a much larger audience through his work as Media Director. Throughout his involvement at CasArt, he enjoys promoting the Mexican culture through the art of dance.

Fatima Melendez McGrew – Art Workshops, Curator AND EXHIBITIONS DIRECTOR

Fatima Melendez McGrew is a Mexican Visual Artist born in Texas and raised in Chihuahua Mexico. She received her BFA from The University of Chihuahua, Mexico with a concentration in painting. Fatima is skilled in numerous media, including oil painting, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media, etc. Inspired by the human figure and the cultural diversity of the world, the subject of her art are often portraits. Fatima has broadly exhibited her work not only in the US but also internationally. She lives in Warren Michigan with her husband and kids.

Sara Pinet – Integral wellness Director

Sara was born in Toluca, Mexico. She is a Psychologist with a Master in Thanatology with 30+years of experience in this field. She provides counseling services, as an emotional education means, to clients around the world. She holds several certifications in Regression Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Bach Flowers Therapy. She is also a Master Reiki and works with groups providing guided meditations. For Sara, life itself is an expression of Art and believes that people can heal their emotions and social relations through the Arts, since the Arts integrates the human being as a whole.

priscila sifuentes – Dance/Ballet’s Artistic Director

Priscila was born is Torreón Coahuila, Mexico and has lived in Michigan since the age of 11.  She is a dancer, Zumba instructor and choreographer. Dance has been a part of her life since a very young age.  Mexican Folkloric dancing has been the foundation of her love for the art.  Whether it was on the cheer team at school, local Latin dance teams, dancing throughout the house, or when out with friends, she has never been afraid to express herself through dance. She has been a member of Joyas de Mexico ballet since 2013. In her spare time, you can find her teaching Zumba, learning new skills and motivating the community through fitness.